Why Testimonial Videos Can Help Your Brand

Why You Should Use Testimonial Videos to Market Your Brand

It’s safe to say that you, as a business owner or marketer, can give the best pitch for your organization’s products or services. You spend a lot of time honing in on your brand, producing marketing content and assets, and sharing your story with the world.

Now, consider your prospective customer. What makes the most impact when they’re about to make a purchase decision? There’s a good chance that they’ll seek feedback from others, in some form or another, about how your product or service performs and what your customer’s experience is like.

While there are many ways to find third-party feedback from customers, such as product reviews, forum sites, or seeking referrals, the testimonial video is one of the most impactful ways you can show the quality of your organization and the integrity of your brand. 

Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool

It’s one thing for your customer to hear how great your company is when you’re the one saying it, but it’s more impactful when someone else is able to verify that. Word of mouth influences many people’s purchase decisions because it’s trusted feedback from someone who’s already had the experience they’re looking into. In a testimonial video, you’re able to capture candid feedback about your products, services, and interaction with satisfied customers.

Video content has high retention

In general, video content has a higher chance of impact and retention with a viewer than the same content presented as just website page copy. While it’s great to have written testimonials on your website and social media, making that content into a video creates an enhanced content experience and will leave a stronger impression.

Video testimonials and reviews are top content types on YouTube

When your testimonial is available as a video, you can upload it to YouTube, the second largest search engine on the Web. And, according to one source, commentary and product reviews are among the top searched content types on YouTube.

Results can be shown, not just spoken to

In a video testimonial or case study, you can showcase the impact of your product or service. You’re able to have the customer speak to the success you helped them achieve, and you can visually depict or reinforce their statements to leave a strong impression on new, prospective customers.

Here is a great example of a project we produced for CoStar.  We filmed a series of 10 videos over multiple cities and compiled the testimonial series, "Life Without CoStar".

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