Why Video Production Companies Hire Producers

When a video project reaches the shoot day (or days), there are many moving pieces. You've invested a lot of time and money into planning for the shoot, and you have a limited amount of time (and people) to capture all the footage you need.

Throughout the planning, production, editing, and post-production of a video, the video producer serves a critical role to make sure the project goes smoothly and the outcome is successful. However, many people aren't familiar with the role that the producer plays. It requires a creative vision, a passion for fostering communication and teamwork, and most importantly, hawk-like organization and expert project management skills. Here, we explain the many hats that producers wear throughout a video project.


First and foremost, the producer needs to be a master of logistics. They carry the responsibility for the success of the project. They expertly create shoot schedules and timelines. They break down the production budget by departments, such as grip and electric, locations, wardrobe, hair, and makeup. They coordinate every last detail with the director and ensure that all the client's questions and concerns are answered.


In commercial video production work, the producer often serves as the client partner and lead liaison between the client/brand and the production team. They create and divide scopes of work, build budgets, and generate timelines for every phase of the project. They aid in aligning the goals of the client with the creative vision of the director.

The producer is often responsible for the successful and timely completion of a project – especially on the shoot day(s). They manage the timeline, shoot schedule, and production and post-production budgets. They often help coordinate talent, secure locations, and hire the necessary crew for the shoot. 


After the shoot, producers coordinate editing and post-production processes and oversee the final product before handing it over to the client. They coordinate and budget post-production treatments like sound effects, voiceover, music and mixing, and motion graphics. They will facilitate the review and approval of the final video(s). They will ensure the client receives media in the formats they need, including YouTube-optimized video, cuts for social media, and high-resolution video for websites.


Producers are often considered the "nucleus" of a project. They know everything that's happening and are excellent communicators. They're able to speak to talent, crew, and most importantly, the client, to keep all parties informed of their responsibilities and expectations. They have extreme attention to detail and see the 'bigger picture' amongst the project's day-to-day.

The production company producer is key to building and maintaining a positive relationship between all of the parties responsible for a video project's success. They're great team leaders, communicators, and organizers, with an eye for creativity and a knack for visual storytelling. At Rock Shore Media, our producers are trusted members of our team and partners to manage your video project successfully.

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