Why Video Marketing is Important

Video marketing is powerful and if you're not already taking advantage of it then you should be. There are so many benefits that come with video including getting people to your website, making your company stand out from competitors, and creating a stronger brand image for your business. Let's take a look at why doing this could benefit your business in many different ways:

1. It’s more engaging.

Everyone likes watching videos. They are fun, they are easy-to-digest, and give people the opportunity to learn something new without having to read lots of text or listen to a long lecture. People can sit back and watch instead! This type of content suits so many different types of businesses well too— from tutorials about how to use products right through to advertisements for services in your area. Videos are also more engaging than text, so they will keep people on your website for longer periods of time. Did you know videos are viewed longer than any other type of content online? The average video viewer will watch an entire video that's 2 minutes long. That is a lot of time considering consumers’ shrinking attention spans! Plus, the added time on your website informs Google that your website has good content and can significantly boost your rankings on search engines.

2. Videos have strong ROI.

Videos have been shown to generate a whopping 3x as many leads as blog posts and 2x as many leads as infographics. They help people learn about your products and services and understand what they're getting into before they buy. Sometimes text just doesn't cut it when you need to get a message out there, be it an explanation of who you are, how one of your products works, or how to use it properly. With videos, however, information can be presented in a way that is easy for people to understand because they can watch the demonstration happen right before their eyes. Today’s buyer does a significant amount of research before picking up the phone or filling out that contact form. Having strong content and information at your potential customer’s fingertips pushes them down the customer journey funnel until they eventually convert into a sale!

3. Videos are easy to share.

The average person spends 5 hours every day online— that's almost half their waking life! With so much time spent on screens, videos are the perfect way to capture attention and distribute your message across different platforms. Aside from your website, videos can be shared on social media, TV commercials, or YouTube. This is great for business because it means that when someone shares one of your marketing videos online, you get free advertising! Every time the video gets viewed or shared by another user, it brings your company's name into the spotlight.

4. Video builds trust.

People who watch your videos are much more likely to purchase from you in the future because they feel like they know you better now. With video marketing, you have a better chance of getting customers because it appeals to their emotions. Mobile users are not only receptive to the idea of watching a video ad before buying from your website, but studies show their brains process information better with visuals— so this could form a lasting impression on new customers who may otherwise ignore ads or clickbait content.

As you can see from the above, video marketing is a powerful tool that will work for just about any business. If you’re not using it as part of your overall strategy yet, now may be time to start exploring how videos might fit into your online marketing mix. Whether you are producing corporate videos, commercials, or product demonstrations—video marketing is important! ‍If you are interested in hearing more about using video marketing, our team is ready to guide you through the process.

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