Why Video is Essential for Businesses

In 2022, there is a lot of value placed on how a business performs in the digital sphere between social media, webpages, and online events. The quickest way to reach an audience is online, and high-quality video makes a big impression that keeps current audiences engaged, and draws in new clients. Video is an absolutely essential tool for growth, and elevates a brand to its fullest potential. A dedicated video production company will help you on your way to success, but how exactly does investing in professional video help a business? We’ll break it down.

Upgraded Brand Storytelling

The story of your business matters to consumers— it’s what humanizes your brand and conveys the experience of working with your business. While graphics and text can tell part of your business’s story, a video can make a deeper impact with your existing audience, and a great first impression to new clients. Audiences want an authentic understanding of a brand so that they can feel comfortable in their investment. A great commercial video service will help you capture the drive, objectives, and culture of your company in order to strike emotional resonance with your audience and assure them that your business is their perfect match. 

Increased Performance on Social Media

Video is a rapidly-growing medium on social media, making it absolutely essential to grow and sustain a following. Some platforms, including Twitter and Instagram, are specifically prioritizing video content in their algorithms. If businesses want to expand their reach, it is imperative to lean into video as a way to meet clients where they are and capture their interest. Social media videos are mutually beneficial to clients and businesses: audiences will get an easy and digestible understanding of a company or service, and will in turn follow the business and share its content with their networks. Social media marketing is all about cultivating a network of people invested in your business, and video is a great way to foster shared experience between your brand and its followers. Furthermore, video can do wonders for a business’s SEO rankings, giving the upper hand in search engine results over those without them.

Great Return on Investment

Investing in high-quality video content for your business will actually make you money. According to Wyzowl, 83% of businesses report a good return on investment for video content. However, quality matters. In order to increase your conversion and sales, it is imperative to invest in a video production company that can ensure a well-produced product. This way, a brand can be sure that the essence of their business is captured clearly, concisely, and with specific appeal to their target audience. Often, video marketing is pushed to the side by companies because they are unsure where to start. Investing in the right video production service makes all the difference, and will determine whether or not your video will elevate your business and expand your audience. Media production services like Rock Shore can assist brands in the video-making process from conceptualization to production to post-production.

Elevation of Online Events

Social media and website videos can do wonders for your audience growth and SEO, but it is also important to consider how professional video can uplift your business’s online events. With a rise in remote events, excellent virtual event video production is not to be overlooked. Live streaming events should be handled with the care and forethought of in-person gatherings. That means ensuring a flawless viewing experience for your audience to make your brand stand out from competitors and maintain its reputation in a digital environment. Show your audience that you care about presenting your business professionally, and that you are invested in your audience’s experience with your brand by utilizing a live video production services determined to help you succeed.

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