Video-Powered Virtual Events Improve Business Engagement

How Virtual Video Events Kept Business Going in 2020

When the coronavirus pandemic hit in early 2020, businesses of every kind had a new set of challenges to face. With health and safety on the top of the list of everyone’s concerns for the indefinite future, many organizations have had to cancel, postpone, or take events completely virtual. After all, it’s still critical that companies, especially fundraising groups and nonprofits, conduct their normal marketing activities that continually engage their audiences.

We saw a nearly immediate rise in the popularity – and availability – of video-powered virtual events platforms, to provide the next best thing to an in-person live event. Going virtual has become preeminent, and has allowed companies to harness technology to continue their activities to connect with important customers and audiences.

At Rock Shore Media, we have harnessed event platforms to allow our client partners to bring previously live, in-person experiences to audiences safe at home, and we’ve been able to continue delivering successful events on their behalf. In 2020, Rock Shore has been busy powering virtual events for its clients, helping them raise over $1 million in fundraisers, benefits, and initiatives.

Here is one of our most successful events with Kennedy Krieger Institute.

You might be wondering why this type of technology platform has gone from being a breakout tool to an industry standard. Most of these platforms are user-friendly, and affordable, for teams to quickly leverage and keep the show going, even remotely. However, there are benefits to partnering with a video production company like Rock Shore Media to pull it off. Here are a few reasons why:

When your event is live, there’s no second try.

There’s a great chance your virtual event will be pulled off flawlessly! But there’s no second take during a live event. It’s a big ask to successfully attract and keep attendees at a virtual event. While your audience is captive, it’s very easy for members to quickly lose interest, and sign off. Avoiding technical and narrative hiccups is crucial to minimize every chance of disengaging your audience. Video production companies with live event experience provide a unique advantage to not just have a plan, but also a backup plan, to ensure your event occurs flawlessly, and your audiences are entertained.

A strategic partner like Rock Shore helps from beginning to end.

Video production companies are strategic partners that not just understand the ‘what,’ but also grasp the ‘why’ of your brand. Working. with a creative and strategic production partner will ensure no stone goes unturned, and they will offer additional ways to make your virtual event a standout experience. They’ll help you form ideas to engage your attendees during the event and after!

Ensure your return on investment.

At the end of the day, it’s important that your event – and event planning – returns on your investment. While a professional video production partner can’t guarantee that every virtual attendee will donate, they can ensure that your experience is an exciting, engaging event that your attendees will enjoy.

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