Videos in Proposals: Why and How to Use Them

Strengthen Up Your Proposals with Professionally Produced Video

An inevitable part of the business development process is to create proposals for new client contracts. It can be a time-consuming process and lacks many opportunities for creativity that would make your proposal stand out among your competitors.

While platforms have been created to offer streamlined proposal creation and delivery to prospective customers, incorporating video into your proposals can be a very creative and effective way to help seal the deal.

Why A Video Can Strengthen a Proposal

We know that professional video production services can be a significant investment. So, it takes some consideration and creativity to make sure it’s right for your organization.

  • Video captures attention and eliminates proposal fatigue. Your prospect is likely viewing many proposals from companies that may be similar to yours. A video can help break the monotony of reading text-heavy proposals and leave a lasting impression.
  • Professional video builds credibility. By showing that you’re willing to create a professional-quality video, especially a customized one for a specific proposal, you’re demonstrating your credibility as a high-quality provider of goods and services.
  • Custom video shows effort and interest. You want to show in your proposals that you’re willing to go the extra mile to make your customer happy. By offering a professional-quality video, especially if it’s customized to the specific proposal, you’re demonstrating that you’re making a genuine effort to be noticed and showcase your organization’s work ethic and dedication.

How To Use Video In Your Proposal

Video can be used in several ways to enhance your business proposals. But regardless of how you use video, a professional-quality video can help you tell your brand story and leave a strong impression. Here are a few ideas for how you can use a video to connect with your leads:

  • Introduce yourself in a direct address. Create a direct address to place in the beginning of your proposal to start on the right foot. Introduce yourself, your excitement to participate in the proposal, and something special about your organization that will excite your lead.
  • Show off your organization and your culture. Give your prospect an idea of what it’s like to work with your company, and showcase your personality and any other teammates who may interact with your customer if you work with them.
  • Demonstrate your process, product, or service. Explain your process and why you’re the best at what you do.
  • Share a testimonial from a previous happy customer. This may take some planning, but video testimonials of previous happy customers describing their experience is evidence that you’re dedicated to providing excellent service.

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