Tips for Creating an Impactful Commercial

When your brand invests the time, energy, and money to create a commercial, you expect results. Here are a few of our best tips for creating a commercial that will have the greatest impact for your business goals.

Start out Strong

Don’t hide your message away at the end of your video. Instead, be upfront about what the audience needs to get out of your commercial. A clear call to action will help viewers understand what they are watching, and what their next move should be— whether it’s visiting your website, appreciating a rebrand, or taking advantage of a new deal. There’s a very small window of time to make a good first impression online, and the best use of that time is to find the hook that will create a captive viewer. To keep your audience tuned in and engaged, tell them what’s exciting upfront, then start crafting your story. 

Focus on Your Storytelling

Story is everything, but don’t get bogged down in forcing a narrative. Your commercial doesn’t need a cheesy skit to make it effective. Instead, consider how all of the elements in your video will work together to create the world of your brand. What tone do your speakers use? What does the space look like? What kind of shirts are the talent wearing: button-downs or casual? All of these details tell your audience who you are as a brand, whether it’s quirky, professional, or something else entirely. It’s important to embrace the small details that make your business unique. Hasty decisions made without consideration for your brand’s authentic style can give your audience the wrong impression. Think carefully about how every aspect of your commercial will inform a potential client about your business.

Stay True to Your Brand’s Values

Deviating from your brand’s usual practices can make loyal clients confused, and grow distrust in your business. You may feel inclined to go above and beyond for your commercial. There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you’re staying true to your brand’s values. Utilize consistent language, familiar tone, and follow your brand’s style guide when it comes to editing and graphics. Think about how you can put a new twist on your established guidelines that will both feel fresh, and remain true to your business’s core. 

Know Your Budget

Making a professional video can become expensive, especially if you’re trying to figure it all out alone. Remember to be truthful when budgeting your time and money so that you can make the best decisions for your brand. A commercial video production company like Rock Shore is a great way forward, and you can expect a video plan tailored to both your needs and your wallet. Let professionals work out the logistics so that you can stay focused on your vision. A dedicated video production service will keep your budget in check so you don’t over-spend on unnecessary equipment, and your production will be kept on-schedule safely in the hands of an industry-trusted crew.

Understand Your Audience

Commercials are targeted marketing tools designed to send a specific message to a specific audience. You already know what’s new and exciting about your brand, but do you know who you need to tell? Demographics research is absolutely key to understanding exactly who your brand needs to reach. Examine who follows your brand on social media, opens emails, and regularly uses your services. What do they have in common? Or, who isn’t participating that really should be? Once you figure out who to target, think about the best way to connect with them. For example, an older audience might like to hear a testimonial from someone their age, while a younger audience might appreciate simple, clean graphics. Knowing who to reach and how will ensure a great conversion rate on your commercial.

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