The Benefits of Commercial Video Production

Quality commercial video can make a big impact on your business. The right video content can boost your SEO ratings, increase traffic to your website, and drive engagement with your brand. Help your target audience find you by working with a commercial video production company to level-up your web presence.

Upgrade Brand Engagement

Every brand wants an engaged audience—one that comments on every post and is always ready to book their next session or purchase the latest product. 53% of consumers want to see more videos from their favorite brands. Keep your audience engaged by giving them quality video content with which to interact. Video content is more inviting and personal, evoking a one-on-one experience for the viewer. Audiences will appreciate a sense of transparency about your brand, and develop emotional connections with your business. Produce creative content designed to give them an authentic experience of your brand. This will compel your viewership to engage with your posts, and explore your website. 

Skyrocket Your SEO

Your target audience needs to hear about your brand. Help them discover you quickly by adding more video content on your website to boost SEO rankings. SEO, or “search engine optimization,” is the process of increasing traffic to your website by boosting your brand’s visibility on search engines—and video is an especially effective tool to do just that. When your audience has successfully landed on your site, videos will also increase the amount of time they spend there. Turning information that would otherwise be expressed via text into a video makes it more entertaining, and more likely to entice audiences to stick around longer. Furthermore, if your audience loves your video and shares a link to it on social media, traffic will be funneled right back to your website. A well-crafted video can achieve all of these goals, and the right video production agency can take you from pre-production to posting.

Increase Your Brand Awareness

A video is a much more immersive experience for your audience than a website full of text. Videos break down important messages quickly, and help viewers undersand the world of your business. Not to mention, they also create more effective engagement for mobile users, and make your website more shareable. Professionally-made videos that resonate with audiences will encourage link-sharing on social media, other webpages, and through messaging applications, expanding the number of eyes on your video. Consistently producing quality videos will help your brand become recognizable on the web, and foster a sense of familiarity with audiences. Commercial Video production companies have a seasoned understanding of how to connect with individual audiences, and can design concise, shareable videos that will build excitement around your brand. This will encourage viewers to act, increasing awareness on your business’s behalf.

Create Conversions through Trust

A study from Eyeview found that having a video on your webpage can boost conversions by 31%. Why? Videos are digestible, entertaining, and humanizing. They create sensory experiences, give emotional appeals, and allow your brand to showcase its personality. On your website, you don’t have to rely on text and images alone to share your story. Video allows for the showcasing of workspaces, employees, products, graphics, and audio that all work to tell the story of your brand. This micro-worldbuilding makes your brand feel more authentic and modern. The more experiential exposure you can give your audience, the more they will trust and engage with your business. Videos with a strong call to action and a clear, concise message will help your brand secure conversions, and partnering with a professional and commercial video production services company can guarantee success.

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