Six Tips to Make Your Video Tell an Impactful Brand Story

As the options for video-friendly apps, platforms, and advertising options continue to grow, marketers need to continue to create marketing content that tells a story about their brand, promotes their products and services, and establishes a connection with their audiences. But before stepping behind the camera or contacting a video production company to help create your dream commercial spot or video content, start with these six quick tips to ensure your brand video will be impactful, connective, and compelling to your audience.

Be authentic to your brand.

Make sure your video idea is an accurate reflection of your brand. Be sure to tell your brand story clearly and authentically. And if this is part of a more extensive campaign or content marketing strategy, be sure you're consistent across all of your creative marketing assets.

Ensure your main message is clear.

If your video doesn't have a clear message or single-minded idea, it could leave your viewer more confused about what you're trying to tell them. If you can't summarize your video idea in a thirty-second elevator pitch, step back and ask yourself what the main goal is that you're looking to accomplish with this video idea.

Where possible, feature real people.

If you're featuring people in your video, see if there are ways to bring real people into the storytelling process. Do you have employees or customers that can help tell your brand story in a different voice or perspective? Can you leverage their voices to deliver valuable messages to your audience?

Connect with your audience.

You should have a pretty clear idea of who your target audience is. As you create video content, ensure that you're addressing your audience's needs, interests, and concerns. Establishing–and maintaining–a connection to your audience throughout the video will ensure they watch through to your call-to-action.

Drive a clear call to action.

Speaking of call-to-action, make sure you know what you want viewers to do after they watch. Do you want them to purchase a product? Inquire about a service? Or share on social media? Make sure there is a goal that you want to achieve.

Use editing and motion graphics to drive essential points.

A simple way to get your most essential parts across in your video is to use post-production techniques like animation and graphic overlays to highlight crucial points discussed in your video visually. Partner with an editor or a video production company like Rock Shore to make sure your video appears professionally created and ready for your audience.

By following these tips, you're already on your way to vibrant, engaging, and impactful video content. To learn more about Rock Shore's planning, execution, and post-production process and how we can help you with your next video project, click here to schedule a discovery call with our team today.

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