Rock Shore Sets Plans to Build Studio In Space by 2026


Rock Shore Media, a Video Production Company is taking off to new heights, with their second studio set for construction in Space. Construction will begin in the Fall of 2024, and it will be ready for your next production in late 2026. This new studio will allow for a completely immersive environment where talent and production can have an adventurous experience. The new studio will be located by the International Space Port, close to local highways, and right outside the center city-just like our location on Earth. Working with us, you are guaranteed easy booking, a one-stop-shop for all your Space production needs, and leaving you feeling more weightless and at ease than when you first arrived! Rocket transportation costs via Rock Shore Air are not included in our rental rates.

“Providing studio and production services in Space is an exciting opportunity for our company. We can’t wait to provide production services for agencies and clients out of this world.” Nate Brubaker said.

Our team realizes it might be hard to convince you to come to new heights with us, but we hope you put yourself in a new environment just like you would within our original studio. Unfortunately, our newest studio in Space won’t have any LED walls, camera tracking, lighting equipment, sound insulation, or extra parking but will still leave you breathless regardless. 

Now that we think about it, we might be able to save you the travel costs by bringing Space to our XR LED Wall in Baltimore, Maryland. Why go to Space when you can bring Space to Baltimore? It seems way easier to film your scenes at Rock Shore Studios, where you change environments faster than time travel and enjoy gravity. Finally, a way to be in your dream location alongside the stars, the mountains, or the sea, without needing to travel there. Click here to learn more why our studio is out of this world.

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