How We Can Help Live Stream Your Next Event

Virtual Events & Live Streaming 

Over the past couple of years, we have seen an increase in demand for live streaming, and for a good reason! We listened to the market and our clients; we invested and built an infrastructure to support a live stream experience.

With the unfortunate impacts of COVID-19, businesses and other production companies are looking for ways to still support their clients for events, communications, ceremonies, and other media. Since we have the knowledge and resources to support live-streaming, we have helped our clients as well as our business partners to share this capability. Our team is working around the clock in order to provide solutions for live video production services in Baltimore without compromising the health of our team, clients & partners.

Due to an increased need for virtual events, we want to bring awareness to the surrounding DMV area that live-streaming can be done safely and within the required social distancing guidelines. Fortunately, Rock Shore Media is located between Baltimore and Washington, DC; we are able to service both areas without requiring extensive travel.

There are two approaches to a successful live event:

Streaming Pre-Recorded Content

Over the past few weeks, we have been supporting our clients in order to plan virtual events. For this process, we are pre-recording and editing the content into a seamless show. For a non-profit client, we are providing live playback while also integrating live fundraising information from One Cause.

This is a no-contact solution that does not require our team to be present during the pre-recording, nor does it require a large crew to produce the show live. Although the energy might be different, we have been testing concepts that help keep the audience engaged.

Live Streaming

As eager as some are to return to the way things were, we have to come to a realization that our new “normal” after returning from COVID-19 will be much more technology driven. Taking a realistic approach, social distancing will most likely continue to be encouraged well into 2021; we need to be ready for that.

Previously, maintaining a high-quality live stream experience would take a village, but we have come up with a way to still achieve this without risking the health of our employees, clients, and partners.

We have invested in technology that allows us to have a quick set-up, as well as a plug-and-stream scenario that previously required a 10+ person unit. We can now effectively stream with a three-person crew while having other crews support the stream remotely. As of right now, this will be our protocol until a vaccine is created for COVID-19.

If you are interested in hearing more about pre-recording and live stream solutions, our team is ready to guide you through the process.

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