How to Use Video to Enhance Your Brand

Video can be used as a powerful marketing tool to increase engagement and awareness of your brand. Below are a few ways to optimize how your company is using video to guarantee the best results possible.

Message to the Right Audience

It can be compelling to try and market to everyone, but your brand will have much better conversion rates if you focus on catering content to your desired audience. Let the right people know that they’ve found the perfect brand. Review insights on your social media pages and analytics on your website to understand who is already invested in what you’re doing. Do they match the target audiences you want to see? If so, learn what kind of content is best suited to their needs. If not, create a video that will help you reach the right group of people. 

Show your audience that you are invested in their feedback by crafting videos based on what your audience wants to see from you. Ask for their opinions, and garner more content for future videos by requesting them to interact on your social pages and website, or through testimonials and comments. Answer FAQ’s to show your audience you’re listening to them and that they are a part of the experience of your brand. Overall, think about how you can shape the aethetic and message of your video marketing to speak directly to your desired audience.

Show Off a Little

It’s okay to brag on your brand in your video content! Take video marketing as an opportunity to showcase testimonials of your company, awards your brand has won, or high-quality footage of your products. It’s important to capture your audience’s attention right away, but viewers that stick around will be watching because they’re interested in what you have to offer. Show them your best work. Invest time and funds into making strong visuals that speak for themselves. Imagery will tell the story more so than any voiceover, music, or language you choose. The video content itself is what will captivate your audience and tell the story. Don’t rush the process of making your video. Instead, enact careful planning and review every step of the way to best represent what your brand has to offer. Consider working with a professional commercial video production studio to ensure you’re representing your brand as effectively as possible.

Stay Simple

Show off your brand’s accomplishments, but remember that the best videos focus on just one topic. This is so the audience knows how they are expected to interact with your brand after they finish watching. If you overload your audience with too much information, they will be confused about your call to action and likely won’t convert. Stick to highlighting one specific ask or feature of your business instead of jam-packing your video. Be selective with your footage, choosing to use only the clips that best represent your message. Consider how you would react to your brand’s video if you were the consumer or target audience.

Cater to Users on Multiple Platforms

These days, your content needs to look polished on every platform, and each one has different needs. Your viewers won’t stick around to see what you have to offer if your video is difficult for them to watch on their device. Consider where your content will be housed so that you know how to orient and format your videos beforehand. Think out the logistics of your video based on who will be watching and where: Do you need captioning? How about graphics? How will your project look on a mobile device? What are the necessary dimensions of the project? There are a lot of variables when devising your plan of action for video marketing. A trusted professional media group such as Rock Shore will ensure that what you record is optimized for where you want to share. 

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