How to Tell Your Brand Story Through Video

It’s 2022. Every business has social media, a website, and a huge online presence. How do you get your brand to stand out from the competition? The key is brand storytelling— the newest marketing “must” for your business. And the best way to tell your story is through high-quality, well-produced video content. Here’s a few things to keep in mind when you’re planning your brand’s video storytelling strategy:

Maintain a Consistent Narrative

If you want your audience to really understand and commit to your brand, use clear, concise, and consistent language across all platforms— and that includes your video content. The same goes for your voice, tone, color palettes, graphics style, and values. Don’t confuse the consumer by making your video’s message completely different from the rest of your content. Instead, think of video storytelling as a way to expand on the groundwork you’ve already laid on your website, social media, and storefront. Feature familiar faces from your business, and use title graphics that reflect your brand’s style guide. Give your current clients something familiar but refreshing, and get your new audience hooked with a taste of your authentic brand.

Tap into Shared Experience

Stories are 22x more memorable than facts. Don’t just stick to figures and statistics, but really dig into the heart and soul of your business. Share some of your success stories, client testimonials, challenges your team has tackled, and showcase your employees. Tapping into the emotions of these experiences will foster empathy with potential clients online. If you commit to storytelling, your video will foster real, human connections with your audience. This will make new clients instinctively trust your brand, and increase the loyalty of existing customers. If you are working with a video production agency for production, the right fit will put your brand’s authenticity above all else. Real stories with real passion are what will allow your audience to imagine themselves as part of your brand, investing them in its journey long-term.

Use Provoking and Relatable Imagery

When deciding on the content of your video, remember to show the audience something that will resonate with them, and make them feel good about choosing your business over similar companies. It’s important to use relatable imagery and stories in your video, because you want your audience to see themselves as an extension of your business, and part of the team. Consider using real people from your business. Viewers like to see people in videos because it gives them friendly faces they can trust, and allows them to empathize with the world of your brand. Don’t isolate your audience by over-complicating your video with jargon, lingo, and numbers. Focus on the human aspect of your story, and keep graphics organized and clean for ease of comprehension. Consider using a professional corporate video production company to help you capture the right content for your objectives.

Include a Call to Action

Your video needs a clear purpose, and it must include an actionable item for your audience. Think about your goal before rushing into the creation of a storytelling video: Do you want your audience to visit your website, follow you on social media, or book a service? It’s likely you’ll want viewers to do all of those things, but your brand will receive the best completion results if you just focus on one. Commercial video production services know this insider tip: by focusing on one action item, your video will have a clearer direction, and your audience will feel more inclined to complete the task than if you bombard them with assignments. Furthermore, putting all your ideas into one video can lead to an informational overload that will reduce your video’s overall effectiveness and watch time. Your call to action is what will bring your audience into the world of your brand. Be tactful and smart— use metrics research and analytics to determine the focus of your video so it will drive the best type of engagement for your specific brand.

A great video production service like Rock Shore will be able to help you map out your goals, and execute the perfect shots for your next storytelling project. Reach out to an experienced member of our team at rockshoremedia.com/contact.

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