How to Create a Video that will Engage your Audience

Are you struggling to make a video that will engage your audience? You're not alone. Marketers are using video advertising more than ever to bring in new customers. According to HubSpot, 93% of marketers who use video say that it's an important part of their marketing strategy. Keeping that in mind, how do you hook your viewers before they click away? Read on to learn how to keep people from scrolling past your content.

  1. Choose a catchy title and thumbnail
    Before the video even starts to play, you can attract viewers to your corporate video with an exciting and interesting thumbnail. It could be a frame from your video that has the most action, or a custom-created one with text and graphics. Make sure there is a high level of contrast and that the picture is clear. Including an image of a face also helps to build a stronger connection with the viewer. When selecting a title, provide clear value and make sure it passes the “who cares?” test.
  2. Make the first few seconds impactful
    The sooner you can tap into an emotion that your viewers can connect with, the better! The first 3 seconds needs to catch your audience’s attention. Branding is extremely important to your commercial video, but putting a bumper logo at the front can lose your audience. There isn’t a hard, fast rule against this, but if possible it’s best to jump right into the action of your content. Bottom line: don’t be boring!
  3. Focus on the story
    Humans are hard-wired to digest information when it’s posed as a story. Your story is formed in pre-production with scripts and story-boarding— it’s crucial not to skip this step! It’s better to show rather than tell your story. For example, instead of saying we have great customer service, show B-roll of a team member in action helping a customer. The more personal you get in your video, the more you will draw viewers in.
  4. Use eye-catching video aesthetics
    Slow-motion, dramatic music, professional voice-overs, and animations are all elements that will level up your video and make it more engaging. A commercial video production company will have professional editors and equipment to create high-quality visuals that will impress your audience and make them feel confident about doing business with you.

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