How Motion Graphics Can Enhance Your Branded Video Content

Motion Graphics: How They Help Enhance Video Content

A common goal solved by video is to explain complex ideas, concepts, or processes to an audience. For video marketers, it’s critical to capture the viewer’s attention and effectively communicate in a short period of time. Because consumers are multi-tasking and involved in so many things, they can often be thinking about something else while watching your video.  There's a lot of information to convey and a short window to capture and keep their attention.

An effective resource in video production companies’ toolkits is the use of motion graphics. When added as a visual layer on content, it enhances the meaning of content, infuses the life of the brand into the video, and leaves a meaningful impact on users.

What are motion graphics?

Simply put, motion graphics are animated graphic design. They’re a way to communicate with viewers and add more depth to a story. In combination with sound effects and video, they can amplify the message of a video and leave strong visual indicators with the viewer. They also come in handy in explainer videos to illustrate key points or steps in a process.

How are motion graphics used in videos?

Motion graphics can be used in many ways to enhance a video. We most often see them as text overlays in a video to point out key concepts being discussed, or important elements to visually note in a video.

They’re also frequently used by brands to create a consistent brand identity across numerous video assets. For example, overlays, transitions, lower thirds, and type treatments can be consistently deployed so that viewers know they’re watching a specific brand’s content.

Here is a great example of a video we produced, where motion graphics were used to enhance the video.

How are motion graphics different from animation?

Motion graphics actually fall under the umbrella of animation, so they are very similar. The term “animation” simply means that an image is moving. In some circles, “animation” implies that the entire substance of a video is one animation, and “motion graphics” mean an animated element is added over a photographic or video image to enhance it.

In this example, we used Motion Graphics to narrate a nonprofit overview video for The Family Tree.

Who adds motion graphics to videos?

Many video production companies hire motion designers or editors that are skilled animators with the knowledge of principles of design and video, and experience with motion software such as Adobe After Effects. They’ll work in partnership with the producer or director to apply motion graphics in a way that complements the rest of the video content and will enhance – not distract from – the viewing experience of a video.

Are motion graphics worth the investment?

That’s a tough general call to make, but because many people intake information most efficiently through vision, motion graphics are often valuable additions to convey information most efficiently. The production company you work with can help you make the right call based on the needs of your video project and the mindset of your audience.

Where can I find some good examples of motion graphics?

As with all video content, the best place to go for learning more, seeking inspiration, and viewing examples is YouTube. Artists, production companies, illustrators, and animators are constantly sharing their newest work with the world.

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