8 Ways to Create a Commercial That Sells

It’s not enough to produce a video and put it up on your brand’s website or social media. If you want your content to create conversations, you have to do the work. This list of 8 tips will help your business level up its online commercials.

Stay Consistent with Your Branding

Your audience needs to know that they can depend on your brand to deliver consistent results. The best way to show them you’re committed is to remain consistent across all of your marketing materials, including your commercial. For new potential clients, our commercial is an opportunity to create brand awareness and establish a connection to your business. Maintain a recognizable brand by keeping your typeface, graphics, color scheme, and other representations consistent across platforms and in your commercial. 

Have a Strong Hook

Create a captive viewership with a hook that will keep them watching. Researching the audience that lives on whichever platforms you envision to house your commercial will help you to determine which methods will work best to entice them. Should you share an impressive statistic about your business, intrigue them with a new product, or ask them a pointed question? Let your analytics do the talking and devise your plan of attack from there.

Tell Your Story

Relationships between brands and audiences have changed dramatically. Audiences expect to form a relationship with businesses, and will hold them accountable for showing authenticity in their online presence. Storytelling is also incredibly valuable in making your brand more memorable, and humanizing the company. Be creative in how you share your story. Don’t just think about the script, but consider also the wardrobe, spaces, and color schemes that help communicate your brand’s identity.

Use Professional Production

A professional video production company such as Rock Shore will be able to help your brand through every step of the process to create an unforgettable commercial. It is absolutely essential to put thought and care into every facet of your production, from the storyboard to the final cut. A quality video is an investment. Work with a team who has been through it before and knows how to reach your unique goals.

Don’t Rush the Final Product

It can be tempting to rush the editing process in order to get your commercial into the world as quickly as possible. We urge you to slow down and be purposeful in your approach. Use quality software that will allow you to make the design choices you need, and consider how each draft matches up with your vision. That extra time you spend crafting your commercial will ensure you come out of the production process with a polished video to be proud of.

Know Your Platform

Research is key to a successful commercial, so it’s crucial to know where your video will live online. The audience for your Facebook page has much different needs than the audience for your website. Think about who you want to reach, and how you can tailor your commercial to their interests. You’ll find much better success in tapping into the niche of your audiences rather than creating a generic commercial that tries to catch everyone in one bucket.

Have a Clear Call to Action

Clear and concise. Those should be the guidelines driving your video’s call to action. There’s a delicate but simple balance: if you ask your audience for too much, they will feel you are taking advantage of them and lose interest. If you don’t include an ask in your video, they will forget they ever watched it and move on. Ensure your video has one easy-to-follow action for your audience to take immediately upon watching your video.

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