Four Tips Before Starting Your Next Video Project

You have new product launch coming up in a couple of months. You’ve gotten the green light to deploy a marketing strategy, a launch event, and a media plan. It’s go-time, and you’re ready to get the word out there. But before you invest in a video project, there are four things we suggest asking yourself (or your team) to make sure you have the full story, a solid plan, and a clear path to success.

  1. What is my destination? Where is the place you’ll host this video? And where will you drive them next? As part of your brand’s digital experience, it’s critical that your audience’s full customer experience is considered and planned accurately. Ensure each of your touch points connected to – and from – your upcoming video will feel cohesive, on-brand, and high-quality.
  2. What are my messaging points? Your video should be more than beautiful product, location, campus, or service footage. It’s important the story you want to tell comes through in your messaging, too. Incorporate language you’ll use on your website, social media, and launch materials to ensure everything lives under one brand.
  3. What are my competitors saying? Research your competitors’ content, and ensure you’re planning a video that will help you stand out. While mimicry is considered the greatest form of flattery, you want to stand out above competitors, and deliver them a new way to experience your brand. Let’s get creative, and find ways to deliver an innovative experience to your viewers.
  4. What is my audience saying? Get input from your most important viewers – your audience. Conduct surveys, capture product reviews, marketing feedback, and consumer testimonials to understand what will connect most with your audience. This information will ensure you’re relevant, authentic, and addressing the needs of your market.

These questions and more are what Rock Shore Media does when we kick off a new creative project with clients and partners. We do our research and bring recommendations to the table, and offer a truly collaborative experience when we work together. Reach out when you’re ready to get started!

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