12 Reasons to Choose Rock Shore

If we’re being honest, there are a lot of options for video production companies out there. So, why should you choose Rock Shore?

We are bold, creative, and always at the forefront of the latest technology; this allows us to tell your brand’s story in the best way.

Not convinced yet? Here are 12 more reasons why choosing Rock Shore Media as your video production partner is right move for your brand.

  1. We have worked with many types of clients on projects of all scopes and sizes. Our varied experience means we are able to adapt and scale no matter what ideas and challenges a project may throw at us.
  2. We understand that getting into video marketing can be intimidating! We make the production process a collaborative partnership where everyone’s opinion is valued. Even if you don’t have technical expertise, we will guide you every step of the way.  
  3. Our team uses their combined talents and years of experience to organize your production, share your story the way you envision it, and make the post-production experience simple and easy to understand.  
  4. We dedicate ourselves to making you feel welcome and will support you in reaching your goals.
  5. Timely and thorough communication with our clients is a top priority for us.   
  6. We love to learn from each other and maintain positivity on and off set. An experience with us is professional and fun, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy your time with us.  
  7. We cultivate a creative space where you feel confident being yourself. This is one way we make our projects authentic and tailored for you and your target audience.
  8. We manage our time wisely to help our crew and team be as comfortable and productive as can be, no matter the volume of the project.  
  9. Our team is patient and understanding in explaining the creative process and answering any questions before, during, and after production. 
  10. We look out for each other and keep the comfort, safety, and best interests of everyone in mind.
  11. We are leaders and pioneers in video production technology. We are always learning and looking for new ways to improve our resources and skills.
  12. Creating, inspiring, and valuing each other helps us achieve our goals. We take every piece of advice and insight by both experts in our industry and clients and use it as motivation and encouragement to always be better.  Because of this we have developed incredible work for our clients. Here is a quick look at some of our favorite video projects:

When working with our team at Rock Shore, you can expect a consistent experience no matter the size of your brand. Customer experience is what makes us stand out. Don't just take our word for it.

Here is what our clients are saying:

"Rock Shore Media produces the highest quality product. They are easy to work with and are excellent at communication and direction. My company has used them more than once and would never consider any other video production company. - Lou D'Adamo // Director of Marketing
"Rock Shore is a first class video production and marketing company that was able to deliver exactly what we were looking for through video. We were extremely impressed with their professionalism, technology, storytelling, creativity, and shot expertise. - Brett Foelber // Director of Marketing
“I would describe my interaction with Rock Shore as a warm yet professional experience. Each member of the team did a wonderful job in making both my colleagues and I comfortable during the recording process. Everyone was friendly and asked for our input and thoughts throughout the process.” - Kayon DePina // Improving Education
"The Rock Shore team is great! I've worked closely with them the past year on some very high quality video production. They are extremely friendly and always try to accommodate our needs, even with very tight deadlines! These folks really know what they're doing. If you're looking for a great media company, you've found them!" - Tyler Dewling // Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development.


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