Video has long before been regarded as the most powerful form of communication, and in the past few years online video has been on the rise. In fact, over 64 percent of marketing experts see that videos will account for almost 69 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2017, something that cannot be ignored, especially if you wish to reach a wider audience.

Business Needs Video Production

This year, you’ll want to invest on video production to further reach out to more people, and here are just some among the many reasons why you should.

Videos are More Engaging

Though a picture paints a thousand words, imagine how many words a video can say. Researchers estimate that a minute of video is already worth 1.8 million words, and seven in ten people tend to view a brand in a more positive light after viewing video content they had produced. Even before, videos are naturally engaging, and, given the influx of information made available on the web, people will want to have content that’s easier to digest than a block of words.

Videos reach More People

YouTube has more than a billion unique visitors each month, and it has more visitors than other channels, save for Facebook. Aside from this, numerous surveys discovered that over 75 percent of people watch videos online on a weekly basis, while more than half of these people watch them daily.

Moreover, people spend almost an equal amount of time watching videos and checking and reading emails. It doesn’t stop there, for researchers see these numbers growing in the next few years. Imagine how many people you can reach and how wide your audience will be if you utilize video for your online marketing strategy now.

Videos boost SEO

If your website is utilizing SEO, publishing videos is one way to earn organic backlinks from people sharing your video content. Backlinks are essential in every SEO strategy, for it gives a website a much-needed boost on their results page rankings.

Businesses foregoing video in their online marketing strategy are at great peril of getting behind their competitors. It’s not enough, however, to simply create video for the sake of making one. It has to be of great quality with content that will put your company in the best light possible. Videographers and photographers from Baltimore and nearby parts of Washington, DC, like those from Rock Shore Media, can help you produce one that’s both engaging and eye-catching.


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