With over 300 hours of videos uploaded every minute on YouTube alone, there’s no shortage of what people can view every day. YouTube has over a billion users, and because of that, brands are beginning to realize how powerful and effective the medium can be in reaching out to their target audience. This does not necessarily mean, however, that the videos they produce are what their audience wants to see. Unless they have marketing savvy, they’re likely churning out tired old clichés on almost every brand videos.


Why Brands Rely on Clichés 

In his article for Reel SEO, Patrick Lor explains that brands tend to fall back on clichés because they’re comfortable, familiar, and self-explanatory. Brands need only convey an idea or message through a few simple words or even an iconic image. Unfortunately, because of overuse, clichés can seem meaningless, insincere, and generic to a target audience.

YouTube marketing videos uploaded by the owners themselves are filled with generalness—the website is practically over-saturated with parodies, reaction videos, review videos and the like. Perhaps the biggest cliché however, is the ‘generic question’ video, wherein a person asks their audience a question and have them respond in the comments section. This method is a lazy means of fulfilling a website’s promise to generate new content regularly. Brands who succumb to uploading these types of videos may find themselves ignored amid the hours and hours of video uploaded every minute.

Cliché Elements of Generic Brand Videos 

What are the elements of a generic brand video? For one, these include numerous visual clichés, including hands caressing random objects, animals, or even a sweeping areal shot of buildings or a rainforest. Some brand videos may even resort to the same music that has been used and reused time and again. Others, as an attempt to put a human face to their brand, tend to present a regular person to the viewers.

What leads one to use video production clichés is having a shallow foundation in creating a brand video. Lazy concepts tend to produce clichés, so brands everywhere need to take the time to really think. Brands must be able to determine exactly what it is that differentiates them from their competitors. The answer to this question can then be used as a starting point in producing their cliché-free brand video.

An effective brand video, aside from having no clichés, is also well-planned, well-thought, and well-made. To this end, video production professionals around Baltimore and Washington, DC like Rock Shore Media can help you produce a well-made brand video that’s sure to capture the attention of your target audience. Harness the power of an effective brand video and see your business move closer to success.

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