Many real estate agents around the country are eager to introduce clients to potential properties through detailed listings with tons of information about the place, and photos to boot. With marketing going video’s way nowadays, why not try this avenue for yourself? Video marketing is extremely popular today, so who knows—it can be the marketing solution you’re looking for to move your sales and business forward.


While many listings in Washington, D.C. are primarily apartments or townhomes, expanding the research to both sides of the Maryland stateline (especially outside Baltimore) will yield listings on luxury houses that are worth serious money to investors. If you are an agent representing the more high-end property owners in the area but want to showcase the listings in a different way, video production outfits such as Rock Shore Media can help you do just that.

Finding a concept

In conceptualizing the video, you and your production crew may want to discuss certain approaches to get your marketing message across. Regardless of your concept, your main goal is to tell a good story with your video. A sequence guide and script should be worked to include information about the house, the general neighborhood, and access to basic services, among other things.

An effective example

One of the more topnotch examples of storytelling in property videos is that of a luxury place in West Hollywood, CA. The property’s address is the video title and the video itself can be easily mistaken for a music video, with Flo Rida’s song “My House” as background music.

Clocking at four minutes, 39 seconds, the video features a well-dressed man greeting his beautiful wife before going off to work – but as soon as he leaves, she invites four female friends over to hang out at the house. The rest of the video shows panoramic footage and angled shots of the house amenities as they look at different times of the day, plus scenes of the women having fun at the poolside. Such imagery can be powerful to educate viewers on their prospect location.

Effective video making tips

Voiceovers or standing spiels made by the property agent can be useful for assuring the viewers you got their interests in mind when they want to buy the place you feature. As much as possible, show your name and contact details at the end of the video. Put in a call to action to help viewers with further studying the property.

A good video marketing strategy can make your house an easy sell. Hire a video production team like Rock Shore Media and discover its advantages today.


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