In this update, we are proud to announce that we are partnering with VentureStorm, a company that focuses on establishing connections between student developers and entrepreneurs. We’ve understood what the company wants to do, especially its central role in recognizing the talents of student developers and entrepreneurs—and we’re particularly happy to assist them in reaching these goals.


In our operations here at the Washington, DC area, we aim to provide companies like VentureStorm the boost that they need for their campaigns. As with any client, we’ve worked closely with VentureStorm to determine their unique needs, the nature of the company, its core values, what they want to accomplish using our services, and other important details.


VentureStorm operates on the philosophy that every student has great ideas—ideas that can potentially change the world. However, not all of these budding innovators have the resources, time, or technical skills to bring those ideas to life. If these qualities can be found in another individual who is familiar with the student’s specific discipline and interests, VentureStorm connects the two parties with each other so they can work together in making the world a better place.



                          Our Creative Director, Nate Brubaker working closely with Tyler (right) and Tommy (left) developing their video brand identity. 


We provided VentureStorm with video production, content development, motion graphics or animation, and script writing services. One of our finished materials is a 60-second start-up animated video, which VentureStorm will then market. You can view the video by clicking this link.  We had an amazing time working with them, and VentureStorm COO Tyler Denk noted with immense satisfaction that he loved our work.


“Working with Nate and Rock Shore Media for the VentureStorm video advertisement was a remarkably pleasurable experience. From start to finish, the level of timely communication and reliability was unprecedented, and the quality of the work was astonishing. Nate’s ability to understand and portray our vision has provided us a tremendous advantage advertising our service, and we have continued to receive considerable praise of the video.”  

– Tyler Denk, Chief Operating Officer, VentureStorm


The partnership will not end with the initial creation of the videos and other marketing materials for VentureStorm. We will also play a role in the continuous development of these, working together with the company as a team to help students who are planning their start-ups. More importantly, we will be responsible for the video branding and start-up videos when students make use of the option. We are looking forward to the collaborations that will happen in this partnership.


We are always open to these cooperative ventures since we strongly believe in harnessing the creativity latent in everyone. Our directors, videographers, photographers, editors, and the rest of the team are always on the lookout for fun and worthy projects. To learn more about our services for prospective clients in Baltimore and the surrounding areas, please continue browsing our website.


To sign up for free or learn more about VentureStorm, visit them at