Over the course of the past month, Rock Shore Media has been working on an exciting project with McCormick & Company Inc.

In our operations in the Baltimore-Washington DC area, we aim to provide companies like McCormick & Company Inc. the boost that they need for their campaigns. As with any client, we’ve worked closely with Mccormick to determine their unique needs, the nature of the company, its core values, what they want to accomplish using our services, and other important details.

As one of the most respected brands in the food industry, McCormick has branded a charitable giving program called Flavor for Life. Flavor for Life reaches out to the local community aiming to teach children, individuals and families how to reduce their salt, fat and sugar intake while boosting flavor through the use of spices and herbs.

McCormick wants to inspire healthy choices locally, nationally and internationally, and we encourage others to adopt our shared values through our charitable giving and volunteerism.

To achieve their mission, Flavor for Life is partnering with, The YMCA, United Way, and The American Heart Association to improve the communities in Baltimore, Maryland, the U.S and around the world!

What was our role in this project?

We provided McCormick with video production, content development, motion graphics and editing services. Our finished deliverable is a 90-second launch video which launched on March 1st, 2015.  We had a fantastic time working with them, and the entire team at McCormick loved the final video.

To learn more about Flavor for Life and how you can help visit: www.mccormickcorporation.com/flavorforlife