Imagine the people, animals, and stories from within a 150 year old barn! This week our team is providing video production services for Timber & Beam Solutions, a company based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. We are working in collaboration with GuRuStu, a full service marketing agency who is directing the vision and editing the project. Our team is documenting the disassembly of a barn in Hampstead, Maryland. Timber & Beam Solutions purchase old barns across the country and use the reclaimed wood for ceiling beams, trusses, furniture, cabinetry, pergolas & much more! Throughout this exciting adventure we came across a few rustic treasures dating back to 1870.
The mission behind this project is to showcase what Timber & Beam Solutions does while also showcasing the story behind the barn. This exciting project provided us with creative freedom where we utilized our video production equipment to tell an incredible story.

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